High School Study Skills - a sequential approach to improving Study Skills for High School students.

How to Study.org -comprehensive resource to help high School and college students develop effective study skills/time management skills

Study Skills Tools (including Electronic Flashcard apps)

  • Head Magnet "Headmagnet is a learning tool that helps you to memorize new facts quickly and maintain what you have learned. Headmagnet helps you to predict when you will forget things, so that you can review only what you need to." Based upon memory and cognition research - helps you learn what you need to learn. Take the tour here.
  • StudyBlue Online Flashcards and Study Blue - Flashcard app, includes audio, text and graphics support. Requires a free studyblue.com account - well worth it.
  • Quizlet - "largest flash cards and study games website" Quizlet Mobile
  • CardKiwi - Collaborate with friends
  • StudyHive.com - create your own study cards or search the public decks. You will need to download Siverlight to use the site online (the link is available at the site). Syncs with Flashcards Pro app (free) for the iPodTouch, iPhone or iPad which allows you to study anytime.
  • Study Stack - create interactive web-based flashcards or use ones that are already created; if you use stacks that are already created, check them first as there are errors in several of the created stacks.
  • Flash Card Machine - allows the user to create interactive web-based study flash cards.
  • Flash Card Friends - online, interactive flash cards
  • Flash Card Exchange - large online library of flashcards. Create your own, study online or offline. Can be downloaded to Word, & Excel
  • Cramberry - clean and simple online interactive flash card tool. If you are looking for simplicity, this will work for you. No bells or whistles; just a simple user interface. (a $ 3.99 iTunes app is also available).
  • Recall Plus - Students can organize their notes, create flashcards, make use of 3D tools and more in this great mind mapping tool. It is downloadable.
  • MyMentor - create, share and study flashcards online; download flashcards in printable format.
  • WordStash - Half flashcard, half dictionary, and full awesome! Teachers can create class accounts and word lists for students.

Productivity Tools

  • Time Tracker - web-based, easy to use time tracker software.
  • Rescue Time -web-based time tracking software to promote focus and productivity. Offers graphs and visual support. The Lite version is free
  • TrackClass helps you get your school work organized. From reminders to notes to assignments and grades, you'll be on top of your studies! (Free resource)
  • Seven Organization Tools for Students
  • Todo.ly - easy to use online to-do list
  • Notely.net - includes schedule, calendar, note-taking, homework planner
  • iStudiez Lite - includes schedule, calendar, homework planner for iPad and iPhone. Free and there is also a premium version.
  • Bubble Timer - A simple time tracker to keep on task and see how much time it takes to complete tasks. Free for 14 days.
  • Remember the Milk - Online task list. Syncs with Android phones, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc. Has quick input and reminders to do tasks (type "put books in bag ^Sunday 3pm" and it will remind you to put your books in your bag on Sunday at 3pm :)
  • Awesome Highlighter - tool that highlights text on a web page; save the URL or email it
  • Pocket Mod - Free, recyclable personal organizer and study guide, can be used in a variety of ways
  • Diigo - Use the highlighting and Extract Annotations tools to collect important information for later review.
  • Text Compactor - When text needs to be summarized, use this online tool. Great for cognitive rescaling.
  • Eyejot - "Video messaging in a blink," video email tool

  • Create note taking templates in Word
  • Use "Power of Color" within Word (background color, highlighting color and font color tools) to reinforce concepts, to determine salient points and for review
  • Use the "Organizational Chart" in the Diagram Gallery that is part of the Drawing Toolbar in Word to reinforce concepts and relationships which promotes learning.
  • In Word, press the Alt tab + mouse click within a word to access the Research pane. When you are online, you will instantly get a definition of the word.