Multimedia and Digital Storytelling Tools

iOS Devices

Computer Resources

  • Voice Thread- capture audio for online digital storytelling.This is a great tool for reaching the needs of all the learners in our classrooms, for all content areas from K-12. The pro version is free to K-12 educators. Make sure you watch the excellent tutorials to take advantage of all the features this tool has to offer. A free iPad app is now available which is a fantastic, easy tool. It's a must have

Click the link for some examples to show you how other educators are using Voice Thread for Education.

  • Animoto - create fully customized videos of user-selected images and music almost instantaneously. The web application does all the work once you select your images and audio. EASYT This one is so cool! Animoto For Educators

FotoBabble examples (Click the Play button to hear the audio):

  • Mixbook for Educators - easily create photo books (fee to print books)

  • ScrapBlog- Create online multimedia scrapbooks from your text, video, audio and photos

  • Storybird - collaborative storytelling

  • Story Maker - create fairy tales, great for young students.

  • MagicStudio -Create interactive visual resources to reinforce instruction or to allow students to demonstrate what they know using web-based tools. Can also create quizzes and timelines. Watch the tour here.
  • - Easily create free photo trips, show pictures, FREE