Free Collaboration and Instruction Tools (these are accessible anywhere!)

Online Learning Tools for Curriculum and Instruction

  • Actively Learn - awesome instruction tool for reading across the curriculum.
  • PlayPosit - embed questions into video
  • EdPuzzle- engage your students using video, check for understanding

Online Bulletin Boards:

  • Padlet - an online bulletin board. Easy to use. Use for collaborative discussions, gives all students a voice (refresh often to see new posts)
  • Stormboard - Online brainstorming and collaboration
  • Linoit - online stickies, can collaborate to create group bulletin board.
  • Scribbler - a real-time, multi-user online whiteboard which offers text chat and audio. Perfect tool to try when face to face isn't possible

Google Hangouts
Voxer - combines audio with texting and images, listen live or later and respond when it's convenient

Web-based social bookmarking tools such as Delicious ,or Diigo- create class favorites that your students can retrieve anywhere to help them study